Mirror Stamping (ft. Newton’s Nook Designs)

Sweater Weather #handmade Card by Tatiana Trafimovich #tatianacraftandart - Sweater Weather Stamp set ny Newtons Nook Designs #newtonsnook

Hello everyone!

Today I’m sharing with you a super fun, sweet and cute card with adorable kitties from Newton’s Nook Designs’ Sweater Weather stamp set and some great techniques! You actually won’t find those two kitties facing each other on the actual stamp set, but you can achieve this result with a mirror stamping.

Sweater Weather #handmade Card by Tatiana Trafimovich #tatianacraftandart - Sweater Weather Stamp set ny Newtons Nook Designs #newtonsnook

There are few methods that allow you to do a mirror stamping. However I think that the easiest one is to use a stamping tool like MISTI. You also need a solid stamp larger than your image and a “thick” ink that stays wet for a while.

So mount your stamp on a clear plastic sheet and put it in a corner of your stamping tool where you usually put paper, facing the stamp up. Ink the stamp and transfer the image onto a solid one attached to the lid. Switch the clear acetate with your image stamp to a piece of paper aligned in the same corner, close the lead of the stamping tool and you’ll transfer a mirror print onto your paper. Take you time to align perfectly the clear acetate with you image stamp and the paper in the corner of the stamping tool. This will allow your to double stamp in case you don’t get a clear image first time.

Sweater Weather #handmade Card by Tatiana Trafimovich #tatianacraftandart - Sweater Weather Stamp set ny Newtons Nook Designs #newtonsnookNow a few words about coloring. If you follow my blog, you might have noticed that I were using a lot Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers recently and I’m ready to share a few tips. I found that they work best on Bristol paper and I highly recommend using a water brush instead of a regular one. Here’s my method of coloring: I put a small amount of color with a marker straight to the paper where the most dark shadow would be and spread immediately the color with a water brush. I usually clean my brush with a paper towel and continue spreading the color using only water. Once the area is dried, you can always come back and add more color on top for a more vibrant look. So Zig markers plus a water brush and Bristol paper are a winning combo that allows you to get quick coloring on the stamps both for soft and bright looks.

However Bristol paper doesn’t hold much water and I haven’t achieved good results making watercolor backgrounds with Zig markers or Bristol paper. I prefer regular watercolors and watercolor paper for them.

That’s all for today! As always thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me sweet comments! I really appreciate your support!



n.83 Lilac – n.80 Violet – n.25 Pink – n. 26 Light Pink – n.36 Light Blue – n.37 Cornflour Blue – n. 91 Light Gray – n.64 Oatmeal – n.94 Gray Brown – n.65 Mid Brown – n.62 Dark Brown



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