Hello (Copic Colored Card) – Copic Card Series

Hello copic 2015 (1)

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m sharing another copic card and I’m so very pleased with the result. I think this card looks amazing!!!

From the times I was fond of jewelry making, I learned that it’s important to follow tutorials and recreate what other people have done. It gives you the opportunity to learn the techniques and to discover your own style, it also gives you lots of inspiration. The same happens with copics: you may have this extraordinary media at home as me and don’t know how to use them properly. First I learned and used copic markers only to make some simple shading. Coloring this card I was surprised how simple it is to do something “wow” if you know where to start. So if you want to recreate this scene go ahead to Sandy Allnock’s video (I leave you a link here) and give it a try.

Hello copic 2015 (2)

I’d like to share other few words about my copic experience. I really recommend you to take copic class at Online Card Classes as I learned so much from it. Even the introducing video that explains copic numbering system and how they work open you the whole new world on copics and worth the money you spend. Another useful medium I reach every time I do copic coloring is the hex chat (it’s also created by talented Sandy Allnock). To be honest, first I hesitated about its use, but I had to change my mind soon. The hex chat makes you try and find new color combo from the markers you already have on hand. It also make you save your money from prevent you to buy very similar colors. In fact, I don’t have all the colors Sandy used in her tutorial, but still using the hex chat I was encouraged and managed to do this card with different color combos. (Down below I’ll leave you the copic colors I used on this particular card). And here’s the link to the video that explains how the hex chat works.

Ok, hope this post will inspire you to try something new and stretch even more your copic markers. Soon I will post the pictures of my copic chats.

As always thanks so much for stopping by!!!



fawn: E97-E37-E09 (original combo E97-E99-E09)

fox: YR65-YR15-YR18 (original combo YR02-YR04-YR09)

bird: B02-B04-B28 (original combo B02-B05-B26)

squirrel: W3-W5-W7

pink: R11-R32 (original combo R30-R32)

dirty white: E41-E43

log: E35-E33-E47 (original combo E47-E74-E33)

ground: E33-E41-E43 (original combo E31-E41-E43)

forrest: YG95-YG99-G94-E89-E87



5 thoughts on “Hello (Copic Colored Card) – Copic Card Series

    • Of course, Sandy! You can share my card. So happy that you like it! And thank you again for all the things you do for us! Your tutorials are amazing and I learned so much from you!!!

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